Welcome to Lisa-Anne Tsuruda's AP Period 4 Home Page!!!external image andstillwerise.jpgWe will be using our wikispace to share and discuss as we work through our school year! We are going to be working on Miles Corwin's And Still We Rise One of my former students, Jennifer Kelleher, was lucky enough to work with Corwin when she was interning at the Los Angeles Times. She recommended the text and it is still relevant today even though the students are from the class of 1997 (the same year that Jennifer herself graduated). Let us begin!

Blogs are a wonderful opportunity to share your thoughts with others. Many of you may already have one. For this class, we're going to use Blogger . It's simple and easy.

When you have created your blog, simply write your name below and create a link to your blog by clicking on the chain icon above. It will ask you for the url of your blog, which you can easily cut and paste!

HOW TO LINK YOUR BLOG ACCOUNT TO OUR WIKI HOME PAGE: Go to the Blog icon and create a Blogger Account. Copy your url for your blog Go to the HOME page of our wiki Hit the chain icon while in "Edit" mode Go to the "External Link" tab Name your link and then paste your url in the 2nd box
That's it! Your link name will appear on our home page and people can now visit you and comment! You will do all assignments and essays on your blog!
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